Saturday, March 28, 2015

the Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook is in the mail!

The official date for postmark is 3/31/15, but I set my personal goal at 3/27; that would allow me a few days if I needed it.

So what's on the pages inside the little brown book? That may be revealed later.

FYI: The Sketchbook Project is an international on line art project that is based in NYC. Artists order a book & once it arrives have several months to decorate it as they desire.
Sketchbooks are kept in a permanent library and also they are sent on tour  around the USA (see post for May 9, 2014).

For me the idea of this project always starts out as a fun artistic outlet but unfortunately it ends up being like a dreaded homework assignment with a looming deadline. Every time I do one (I've done 4) I say: never again!

What's next? Straightening up my studio so that I can get prints ready for the upcoming Bartlesville Art Assn. Spring Show.

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