Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sign Saturday

Well could it possibly be true (no pun intended)? Will Alex end the suspense and tell all about her open studio?

The most important thing to report is that I count it as a total success and I'm glad I did it.

There were crowds. There were art prints. There was enthusiastic response. And it all made me feel great!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quote of the Week

'' ...Tom allowed me to watch him paint as much as I wanted. He showed me how an ever-developing series of drawings became a finished work of art. It was fascinating for me to watch the creative process unfold before my eyes. I had always assumed that paintings were created by an artist guided by some supernatural inspiration, instead of by a process of simple progressive steps."
                                                                                                     Ken Perinyi in Caveat Emptor

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ready or not...

here it comes! Open Studio !

Tomorrow Sunday, March 17th 1-5pm
with clayprinting demos at 2 & 4pm
1817 Southview Ave. Bartlesville, OK

I'm still walking around the house, picking this up here & putting that over there.
But I believe I'm ahead of schedule.
I was hoping for a sunny day tomorrow so that everyone could see how well the solar tubes light up the space, but the forecast is for showers.

At noon tomorrow I'll be putting out the signs and hanging out some prints, and then away we go. I have no idea how many to expect but I'll post a full report. Watch for it! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Countdown to...

Open Studio

I believe that the idea for an open studio popped in to my head the first time I looked at the house (the house that was to become "my house"). I was really impressed by the studio space, a place just for making art was like too good to be true (no pun intended), and then enough room to actually invite people in and show them how I work, wow!

I am checking off the "to do" things on my list so that everything will be ready for how many people? (I have no idea) to see the art of clayprinting in action. It should be interesting!

Y'all come!

Friday, March 8, 2013

You're Invited

"Brainwaves" monoprint 12"x15"
Event: Open Studio

When: Sunday, March 17th

Time: 1-5pm
           Clayprinting demo at 2 & 4pm

Where: 1817 Southview Ave.
             Bartlesville, OK

Contact: Artist: Alex True

Quote of the week

"Creativity is the ability to pull things out of one's self or the universe or wherever you think stuff comes from, and give it shape and form." artist Wendy  Davis

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Studio Time

Studio time is such precious time, and I am so blessed to have a well appointed studio that I can comfortably slip into and easily enter "the zone".

 When I first saw this space I knew it had definite possibilities.The sink was a big plus. Then a door for out-side access would help keep my art activities separate from the rest of the house. The fact that there were no windows didn't discourage me. I knew that solar tubes would fix that problem, and they have provided a room full of sunlight all day long.

"A Light in the Forest" monoprint 12" x16"
 And what have I been creating in the studio? One clayprint after another!