Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sign Saturday

Two questions: Did this bird pose for this sign?
And is he here to check out how well the artist did?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Art Held Hostage!

My reaction to a recent art theft in Paris in which paintings worth millions were taken was, why! Art of that caliber, art that is that well known is really hard to sell and the new owner can never display it. So I say again, why! Well according to, art is being held hostage and thieves are demanding ransoms for it's return, and this is probably all done with great secrecy. Well, we will have to wait for further developments.
Painting pictured: The Olive Trees Near l'Estaque by George Braque
Photographer: Anne-Christine Poujoulat
"As we become older, art and life become the same thing." George Braque

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ashley F. Bryan

Ashley F. Bryan: author, illustrator, teacher

Studied at Cooper Union, NYC

Degree from Columbia Univ.

Received Fulbright Scholarship

Taught at Dartmouth College

Honors for books & illustration:

Coretta Scott King Award

Arbuthnot Award

Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Passion for Art

Ashley F. Bryan (b.1923) A Passion for Art, that is something I can relate to.

This past week while visiting Savannah, GA I discovered artist Ashley F. Bryan at the SCAD Museum (more about SCAD later). There was a wonderful display of his book illustrations done as drawings, tempera, & collage; wonderful bright colors that are so "happy" and stimulating. But the work I just fell in love with was the display of puppets made of "found" objects. Sorry, no photography was allowed. But if I can find examples of his work on the internet I'll grab it. These puppets made from bone, glass, clay, fur, used garments etc., were a great inspiration to me, and gave me new ideas for embellishing my masks. Also I had the idea to do a series of collages inspired by the puppets. I would probably mount them on mat board, and they would require a shadowbox frame to accommodate the "found" objects. But it is only another idea.

Woodcarving Workshop
Question: Are you going to show pics of the walking stick that you carved?
Answer: As soon as I can get the pics out of the camera.