Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hector Has a Home

I was in OKC this weekend on business and took my dinner break at the Paseo Art District. It's always fun to see what's going on there. My first stop was Paseo Pottery and who should greet me but Cobos Leon, "Hector" to his friends. Hector is a 2010 grad of OPSU and the pic was taken at the student art show last May. Hector is multi-skilled & multi-talented, but likes photography & ceramics best of all. He will be a positive addition to the Paseo Pottery group.

Hector can be reached at: and on facebook.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today Google expands on the "LOVE" stamp. Great color too; check it out!
Thanks to Google & Robert Indiana!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Chagall images
"I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment." Marc Chagall

The weather out side is frightful, but the furnace is working fine. A good day to think about "better days" of "better weather".

It was May 0f 2007, and I was in Rome. "Why would you be anywhere else, when you can be in Italy?" Edith Warton.

The sky was overcast and threatening rain, but my plan was to visit the Forum and so I headed out, by foot-by metro-by foot, and eventually joined the Sunday crowds and feral cats for a stroll through the ruins. It started to rain. And the sudden shower soon became a downpour. I pulled out my Dollar Tree rain poncho and huddled with a group of people under an archway. From my vantage point I actually saw an amazing sight. The crowd that continued down the main path had now become a stream of umbrellas. Soon, when the heavy rain turned into a inconvenient drizzle I left the shelter of the arch to continue with my adventure. Eventually I reached the edge of the ruins and found a museum featuring works by Marc Chagall. I still have the ticket stub from my visit, but can't make out the name of the museum, so it will have to be " The Museum at the Edge of the Forum".

I had seen original works by Marc Chagall before, but just one or two at a time in various collections, here were several galleries full; how wonderful! I love Chagall for his subject matter: visions of life and stories and customs and legends of his homeland, Russia. I was surprised to find a collection of collages; I had no idea he had experimented with collage. They were just as great as his paintings; figures made from bits of paper and cloth giving each one a personality and style. What a great find in the midst of an afternoon shower.


Today, Google is under the sea. Peek through the porthole!