Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Working at Art

As I entered the art building I was greeted with a stack of boxes each containing 25lbs of clay: newly arrived order. The ceramics lab was busy even though the crowds of students are gone for the summer. David Elder was getting ready to use the extruder to make some handles for vessels that he's completing to replenish stock at a gallery that represents him. Brent Shoulders was at the potters wheel throwing one bowl after another. He's attacking a huge project mapped out on the white board of 100's of pieces ( probably a show coming up). And student Josh Hogge was painting a clown with full red lips and a ruffle at his neck.
Things in the art building are always changing: new ideas, new work. And my own work? I have done 7 more masks so far; they are waiting for bisc firing. I need to go to Santa Fe to get more of the clay I like for hand building.

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