Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sacred Sunday

This is the kind of art that got me into painting. I started to look at Byzantine icons; some of course were painted but many were mosaics. I loved the strong color and the flat design like quality of the images. Of course the subjects were always Biblical; it was the churches attempt to teach illiterate people the Bible (of course there were no Bibles for them to read if they could read). This became a prominent art form that adorned the walls of churches. I found this one in the alcove of a church in New Orleans. And the images are of the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost with probably angels at the sides. But maybe the figure on the right isn't God for he has a triangular halo which is usually reserved for a living saint. Jesus on the left is holding the word and his hand raised with palm out signifies peace. My study of icons inspired me to paint a series of modern icons with acrylic paint.

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