Saturday, August 15, 2015


Celebrating 600th Blog Post!

My quirky little cake ended up being a craft project.
Actually it kinda looks like a Sesame Street character.
Sara Lee baked it & the Mah Jongg gals ate it.
This Creative Life
The unofficial tag line of the blog is: no kids, no grandkids, no pets, just art! Art as I experience it: what caught my eye, what piqued my interest.

When I started this blog I certainly didn't have milestones or goals in mind of how many posts I might publish. But if someone would have asked me if I thought I could make it to 600 posts, I would have answered, "Sure". Why the confidence? Because I have attended to my personal journals for years; journaling was in my blood. And because I see art everywhere: from my backyard to far away places. Art is not just in studios, galleries and museums.

The most asked question of a blogger is: how do you find enough to write about. My answer is that since I see a world filled with art, I never lack for material. My problem is one of having too many ideas and then lacking the energy to sort and decide which idea to publish next.

So thanks to all of you who have checked in from time to time. And please continue to follow along on my art journey. How far? Who knows? But I'm sure that I will give out before the subject matter does.

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