Monday, June 4, 2012

Abstract Expressionism

What have Americans given to the world of art, an art movement all our own. It is a 20th century phenomenon that started after WWII, and turned New York into the premier art center.
One of the personalities of the movement was Clyfford Still. A North Dakota boy who joined artists like Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, to produce emotionally charged paintings.
Abstract Expressionism is characterized by:
*abstract forms
*expressive brushwork
*monumental scale
*universal themes
Speaking of Abstract Expressionism Harlod Rosenberg said: At a certain moment the canvas began to appear to one American painter after another as an arena in which to act. What was to go on the canvas was not a picture but an event.
Clyfford Still today has his own museum in Denver which opened in 2011; it's near the Denver Art Museum.
I'm relatively close; maybe I should make a visit.

Here are examples of Still's work; including an early self portrait.

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