Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mitch Lyons

The latest OAG newsletter has listed way down at the bottom that potter/ceramics artist Mitch Lyons would be holding a workshop in Taos in June. Ah, I thought! He was in OKC about a year ago and that workshop wasn't gong to work for me, but actually Taos is closer. So I called the contact number listed thinking that I was would be getting a person in Taos, so was surprised when Mitch Lyons answered the phone. It would have been real easy to be tongue tied. But "Mitch" was very nice, helpful, and talked all about what he was offering- BTW it is his ceramic printing technique (sounds great to a mixed media artist like myself), and gave me all the info to sign up. Let's see, a week in Taos, working with ceramics and printing techniques, and being taught by Mitch Lyons-do I want to go? YES, YES, YES!

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