Friday, October 9, 2015

The Art of Printing with Clay

Here it is folks, and I'm so excited: The Art of Printing with Clay by Mitch Lyons.
I got my copy in the mail yesterday and just flipping through it, I can tell it's full of inspiring techniques.

Mitch Lyons is the "inventor" or maybe the "discoverer" of printing with clay. He tells about how working with clay over the years kept him trying new things including printing. You see with clayprinting the clay is the printing "plate". Pigment is applied to the plate in a design of the artist's choosing and then "lifted" onto a substrate. Most printing processes involve a printing plate, ink, paper (as substrate), and a press.

Clayprinting uses no ink, no paper, & no press. I describe it as: pigment suspended in liquid clay on spun polyester canvas. It's all explained in Mitch's book.

I took a clayprinting workshop from Mitch in June of 2012 in Taos, NM. I have been working almost exclusively in clayprinting ever since.

Mitch also has an instructional DVD on clayprinting.

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