Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Greatest Art?

Every time I visit my local library I head straight to the ART section and there I find a number of books that hold a compilation of artists & their work. The newest one on the shelve is ART: Everything You Need to Know about the Greatest Artists and their Works by Susie Hodge

It would be easy to say that it is just another of one of those "all about art" books in which female Art historian, Susie Hodge, gives us her opinion in this one  volume.

Ms Hodge starts her record of fine art in the 13th century, and follows a timeline of art work and art movements to modern times, and she follows the formula of giving a short biography of an artist, showing one of the artist's best known pieces and then listing other works & where to find them.

The thing that struck me about the information in this book is that only four woman artists are considered among the "greatest" in nine centuries (13th-21st) of paintings, frescoes & sculpture. This reminded me of the fact that fine art is a male dominated arena.

Who are the four women who managed to make it in this male dominated arena? In Susie Hodge's opinion they are:

Artemisia Gentileschi
Georgia O'Keeffe
Freda Kahlo 
Mary Cassatt

Is their another who is alive & working today?

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