Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who Is Tim's Vermeer?

Who is Tim's Vermeer (3/27/14 post)?

Johannes Vermeer

Born in the Netherlands; his father was an art dealer.

Married Catharina Bolnes in 1653.

Worked as a painter, art dealer & inn keeper.

Member of the Guild of St Luke (artists & craftsmen) in Delft.

His main creative period was between 1650 and 1670.

He may have painted between 45 & 60 paintings during his productive period , that averages to only two to three a year. 

He died at age 43.

Only 35 of his paintings survive today. They are in museums & private collections.

He left no drawings, studies, letters or personal documents.

Much of his life including his training and his techniques are a mystery, but his paintings are a wonder.

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