Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Slip. To a ceramic artist like myself it is clay mixed with water to a thick liquid consistency. When building pots it is used to help "glue" pieces together. Now that I am clayprinting, it is the medium I use (with pigment added) to put color on my clay slab.

Slip is an important part of what I do, but the making of slip is not creative or fun. Oh, it's not hard, or necessarily time consuming, just not the fun part of clay printing. So when it comes time to make more I have to talk myself into it, reminding myself- it's not hard, it's not hard. But clean-up is yuk! But always easier in summer because I can go outside and "play" in the hose ( clay is tough on plumbing). But once I have the job done I have several containers ready to make more colors, and I just got three new colors delivered & I'm excited about trying them.

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