Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Anonymous Arts Museum

I'm always on the look out for some information on the art world. Recently I stumbled on The Anonymous Arts Museum a new museum to me. Here's what I know.

Established in 1985
Creator: Ivan Karp
Location: Charlotteville, NY

In 1958 Ivan began to notice that as buildings were demolished many of the fabulous carvings that had decorated the buildings were being lost. With the help of his wife and some friends Ivan began collecting them, and doing his best to save them from destruction. His collection of stone satyrs, gremlins, lion & maidens continued to grow, and it was always a challenge to find a place to store the hundreds, thousands, of art objects they had saved. Finally in 1985 a building to house them became available; a place to house these wonderful treasures and show them off to the public.
I think that this sounds like an interesting place worth visiting. What do you think? 

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