Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Diane Arbus

I found it in a box, my 2004 journal. It had not been bound so I took it to the printer and got a spiral binding on it. Of course then I had to sit down and read it, and I came across my 2004 visit to the Houston Art Museum to see the Diane Arbus exhibit.
I wasn't excited about driving 10 hrs to see this show. I had seen many, many of her photos, and figured I had seen enough. But to see the originals was a treat. B&W in a 12x12 format made me understand how truly unique these images are.
In 2006 the movie Fur was released. I love Nicole Kidman but thought she was a poor choice for the lead. The movie was a quirky interpretation of Diane Arbus's life. And BTW she pronounced it Dee Ann.
There are gobs of her pics on the web, just Google her; it is worth the effort.

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