Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sign Saturday

The Plaza was open for business.
My plan was to be on the road by noon on Saturday; that left me a few hours to explore. The first sign that caught my eye was an "estate sale" sign, and I had no business turning in, but I did. The car was pretty full of treasures when I pulled away; a trunk full of "stuff" for only $35.
The Plaza stores were open, but with few shoppers trying to beat the afternoon heat. First thing, I met Mitch  & Meredith on their way to breakfast. I continued on to see what I could see. The art market in Taos seemed slower to me; the economy? And the shops seemed more geared to tourists rather than art collectors. Don't get me wrong I saw some spectacular pieces of art work; work that could cause me to at  least contemplate leaving my day job for a life of just creating beautiful things. And the art at the Harwood was definitely an inspiration; more about that later.

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