Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunflower Banner

Here is my inspiration. I found her in a thrift store about 8 years ago and for only $19 she was mine. She sat in the living room next to the fig tree for a couple years and I enjoyed her presence. Then one morning I found her toppled over and her head broken off. I was sad. I left her there. When my son saw her he said: aren't you going to fix her? And I replied that since Easter was in just a few days I was hoping she might be resurrected. Anyway even if I "fixed" her she would never be right and that would make me sad. Well she wasn't resurrected and eventually I did glue her head back on. And, yes, the scar is visible, but it's OK; she still brings me joy. Today she sits in the picture window of the living room surrounded by my indoor garden.

The patten and layout

In the process

You will see her on the corner of 3rd and Main in Guymon

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