Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chihuly Revisited

During my last trip to Oklahoma City I stopped in at the Oklahoma City Art Museum. Of course the main event at the museum since it reopened early in the century is the Chihuly glass exhibit. The exhibit has been recently refigured, but just as intriguing. Love all the organic shapes and the wonderful colors.

No flash is allowed in the museum and so I tried to make myself into a human tripod to get some decent pics. I was surprised at how many I got that were actually in focus. Wordless Wednesday posts for 2/1 & 2/8 show some of the pieces.

One part of the exhibit that I really like is the hallway where pieces of the Chihuly glass are placed on a clear glass ceiling. Walking through you get the sensation of being under water with wonderful sea life above you. And it is interesting to see how the light bounces off the walls.

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