Friday, September 2, 2011

High Road

My plan for my drive on the High Road to Taos was to stop at as many galleries/studios and to talk to as many artists as possible; what could be better. The town of Truchas was a definite destination and the mural shown above is at the corner of the turn off. "The" landmark of Truchas is the one gas station which displayed a sign announcing "no gas". Open studios line both sides of the road (75) and the sign at Judith Hert's place drew me in.

Judith was reclining in her living room when I made my entrance, but she graciously invited me to take it all in. Judith paints with both acrylic and watercolor, but it was her large abstract acrylics that got my attention. She led me to her gallery behind her house and we sat and talked about the art business. Judith is finishing a series to send off to a show in Boston. As we chatted she surveyed her work and spotted changes she would make. A painting is never done until the artist says it's done. If you can't make it to Truchas or Boston, you can see Judith's work at her web site

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