Friday, August 19, 2011

Side Trip

When I arrived home from my trip to NM, the latest Daniel Smith catalog was waiting in my mail box. The Daniel Smith catalog is always a treat; let me tell you why:

#1 Sprinkled throughout the catalog are example of real art by working artists (like me). I like to see what artists are trying in different media.
#2 How to's: how to use a product, how to do a particular technique, how to choose the correct product for your needs.
#3 It seems like there is always a new product which is highlighted and described. The time it's a water color ground which makes it possible to use watercolor on any surface.

One day, years ago when my daughter was still a teen, I got home from work to find the Daniel Smith Catalog waiting for me. I announced that I was taking a bath, and if anyone called I was not to be disturbed. I told my daughter, " Just tell them I'm in the tub with Daniel Smith". To which she replied, "Mother!!!!!"
A relaxing bath with Daniel Smith, what could be better!

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