Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carol Beesley

Bisti Badlands 60"x60"

Carol Beesley's back in town, and did we have fun today! Carol led a marvelous workshop in painting with oilsticks. This medium is new to me and to many who attended. Carol was well supplied and brought everything that we needed to turn out a painting by the end of the day, & we even got a box to take our masterpieces safely home in.

Carol has so much enthusiasm for what she does and it seeps out and splashes everywhere. The colors she uses are bright and pure. She translates landscapes that have spoken to her into bold statements of color, shape, and form (sample enclosed). Carol likes to paint big and many of her paintings are displayed in public buildings around the state.

Carol has embarked on an ambitious project of painting landscapes of different areas of Oklahoma. She will have a display of OK Panhandle paintings at the No Man's Land Museum in the fall and I am waiting with great anticipation to see them.

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